Why is the PAID Chat GPT so limited

I really, and I mean really, dislike the limitations put on the paying customers of GPT plus. To begin, there is no indication anywhere on the purchase screen on GPT that there are limitations to how many 4.0 searches you can do. To find that, you’d have to find it somewhere obscure. I’ve linked the photo of what you see when purchasing or managing your purchases. I had to ask Chat GPT itself to figure out my cap, and it’s 25 an hour for 4.0 searches. I’m sorry, but I don’t want my searches limited if I’m paying a whopping 20 dollars a month. That said, if there needs to be limitations per hour, it needs to be raised to at least 1-2 hundred. For those of us who are in school and have many, many different problems to solve and need chat GPT to solve said issues, only 25 questions solved is a piss poor amount. Continuing, I think OpenAI did this intentionally, in some sense. They see college students wanting better answers that 3.0 does not provide, so we’d jump on it when they visit for only 20 dollars so that they can have all the answers in the world without limitations. It’s only to find out pretty quickly after some math problems that it’s not unlimited. Nowhere is the customer presented with that fact, I’ll remind you. You’re an 80 billion dollar company, and you can spare a brotha 175 extra searches, especially with Nvidia’s new technology of GPUs.

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Available compute mostly? I believe they’re trying to give as many people access as they can - even for free. So, we all bite the bullet and let them allot it to us.

As this is primarily a developer forum, I’d like to point out that it’s fairly simple to spin your own tools with the API. No, they’re not exactly the same as ChatGPT, but sometimes that’s a good thing! :slight_smile:

It’ll likely get a lot less restricted (maybe?) soon as the new datacenters fire up. One coming to Memphis, TN from Musk, I believe… Not sure where OpenAI/Microsoft are building theirs. I would think you would want to go further north where it’s cold most of the year!

And they imposed restrictions on me. For 6 days now, image uploading and DALL-E