Why is my gpt-4 TPM value 10,000 instead of 40,000?

In one of my accounts, the gpt-4 TPM is shown as 40,000, but in another account the TPM is shown as 10,000.
All of these accounts are paying bills.

I found this opinion in the OpenAI community.

The rate limit is even more generous than my old account. My old account with payment record has 10,000 TPM/200 RPM limit. If you’re in a hurry, I suggest you create a new account.

All my accounts showing 10,000 TPM were created around April this year.
The account with a TPM of 40,000 was created in September this year.
Is it possible that the TPM value could change depending on when the account was created?

I have already paid the bills on my old account and I want to raise the TPM value of my old account.
Is there any way to do this?
I have contacted OpenAI help but have not yet received an answer.

Answer, and answer.

GPT-4 rate limits

During the rollout of GPT-4, the model will have more aggressive rate limits to keep up with demand. You can view your current rate limits in the rate limits section of the account page. We are unable to accommodate requests for rate limit increases due to capacity constraints. We are prioritizing general access to GPT-4 first and will subsequently raise rate limits automatically as capacity allows.

Thank you for your answer.
Does this mean I have to wait until the TPM is automatically raised?

Will you have to wait, and not be able to request an increase yourself? That would be the inference that I get by reading the OpenAI language.

You may get a different answer if contacting sales for your multi-million dollar enterprise application.

Thank you for your response.
I thought I could not request for a TPM increase for my gpt-4 as the OpenAI API Rate Limit Increase Request form stated the following.

We will not increase limits on gpt-4, text-davinci-003, gpt-3.5-turbo-16k, or fine-tuned models at this time


can you request a rate limit increase: no

will they increase your rate in the future: maybe

Why: compute resources are limited

Why #2: giving more users access is more important than giving only a few users high rate limits.