Why I pay a subscription to receive a free version service?

Why Chat GPT 4 refuses to make researches online and use bing search engine ? I ask for updated data search and it refuses to do so claiming what is the standard answer of gpt 3 !!!

Why I am paying for using a free version ???

The AI doesn’t know many of the ways you might be referring to “Bing”, the name of which is not part of its programming.

It won’t search on its own unless the query is pretty explicitly about new events that it cannot know. It seems the AI is also often now not getting a system prompt with a cutoff date to know what knowledge is obsolete.

Asking nicely and clearly:

The blue quote link is an external link obtained from the search API.

I did try that aproach too m but it didn’t work , so it basically refuses to do researches and says its limited to april 2023, this is what chat gpt 3.5 does.

ChatGPT 3.5 “free” does not have external tools. Web browsing, code interpreter, document retrieval, GPTs, all are features of GPT-4 within ChatGPT Plus, $20/mo subscription.

In Plus, you can ask the AI to list all the tools it can call upon under “# Tools”.

Also, you must not select the “plugins” mode, or you only get old plugins. Ensure GPT-4 is at the top, it will often reset back to 3.5 without you noticing.

Perhaps you didn’t understand that I am referring to the features you described, I know 3.5 doesnt have browsing features and this is the whole point of the Topic, Chat GPT 4 is performing like if it was Chat GPT 3.5 , forbidding me the access to info after april 2023 and not using brwowsing abilities.

Yes, I understood, which is why above I told you to ask ChatGPT - see if browser is truly shut it off for you, or if you are in a GPT or selected a mode that doesn’t have browser available.


The paste:
Please list each of the tools you currently have available in the # Tools section above. Output is a markdown table with columns "name" and "description".

You can also go into “settings”, and ensure beta features are turned off, no longer needed. Then hit “ChatGPT” at upper left for a new chat.

Then “GPT-4” that is now not answering “April 2023”, missing those system prompt instructions.

I am not sure what this difference is…


Just to be clear, this is the result of the team plan (although I don’t plan to renew it).

I asked on the Plus plan (also, I don’t plan to renew it) and the response is below.


And custom instructions seem to be available for the Plus plan.(This subscription is about to expire.)

With custom instructions, tell it to talk in Japanese.


Maybe press enough downvotes and they take your ChatGPT off gpt-4-turbo? :laughing:


I was able to get API GPT-3.5-turbo-0125 to give September 2023 dates, so it has 2023 in its brain.

Without any date in the prompt, gpt-4-turbo-preview on API, though:

It says it was pretrained through 2021.

Tell the AI today’s date, and it has a different answer:

Somehow if it is 2024, the AI “knows more”. So there’s conflicting information in the training on chats and the purposeful placement of training.

And even better, change the “no cutoff given” assistant reply for activation of different knowledge:

When it said 2021:


Change what the AI said to 2023:

So the absence of “knowledge cutoff” in whatever system prompt they are trying on me is a problem in activating or believing that new training.

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Indeed. The system message must have affected the answer as context - perhaps just as on the fraction question.

Is there an old and new problem about the inverse scaling law - hindsight neglect - here?

I may have got off topic.