Why i got different results when using Chat GPT API vs using Chat GPT UI

I have developed an SPFx web part using react js >> the web part integrate with chat GPT >> now i generate an API (seems it is free as i were not asked to pay ot provide any payment method) . but i noted that i will get different result when using chat GPT UI VS Chat GPT API.

here is what i get when using the API for key value reference why it is secure VS what i get when using the UI,where i will get more text when using the UI compared to the API:-

any advice about this differences ?

so what is the reason i will get different result?


I think this is due to different setting in (Max_tokens and Temperature) between API and UI assuming you use the same model.

Do you know what the UI default is?

We don’t know what the temperature is of ChatGPT. I suspect it’s actually set pretty low now so that it can succeed at writing code for functions and the code interpreter. Temperature doesn’t change the form of output as dramatically as was indicated earlier in the old conversation.

max_tokens doesn’t affect the quality of writing; it just sets a maximum output size where the generation must cut off.

ChatGPT has a short system message telling the AI what it is. One can trick ChatGPT into telling you that message or research it, and if you replicate the message exactly in your own API system role message, you will essentially get output that is the same as ChatGPT.

However, you don’t add any value by just acting like ChatGPT.