Why does ChatGPT refuse to generate a story for me but will for friend using an identical prompt

I am trying to get ChatGPT to generate a story that revolves around a touchy subject. However, I have yet to get ChatGPT to generate the story. I am repeatedly told that it will not generate a story based on the information I gave it.

However, sending my prompt to a friend, he is able to paste my prompt into the SAME ChatGPT, same model Ai, same settings, same everything, and it generates a story for him without fail literally every time he resubmits the prompt. He reports that it has yet to fail to generate a story for him. However, for me, I am being told that it will not generate a story based on the subject regardless of how many times I resubmit it.

My friend and I shared screenshots proving that nothing is being changed or altered between us and everything is indeed literally identical. Yet ChatGPT is perfectly fine with creating the story for him yet it refuses for me.

Why is it okay for him to get a generated story off an identical prompt that I am being refused?

What is different here? It is definitely NOT the prompt, model, website, etc because everything at our end is literally identical.

While I remain skeptical and think this anecdote is dubious, I can certainly provide you with a wild and completely unfounded hypothesis under the assumption the details you’ve provided are accurate.

Perhaps you—as someone who is prone to asking ChatGPT to write stories around “touchy” subjects—have triggered OpenAI’s content warning system too many times and they have determined you are an individual at high-risk for abusing and misusing model outputs and decided to lower your acceptable threshold for moderation.

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