Why do I now get a "functions must have unique names" error when simply trying to update an existing function in an assistant (via the OpenAI UI/webpage)

Bug. Cannot update an existing function for an assistant.

Get “function name must be unique” error.

This might make sense if trying to add a 2nd function with the same name, but someone at OpenAI has made a mistake and hasn’t checked that the function you’re updating is existing.

This used to work. Someone has broken it.


Yes I am facing same issue and not one noticing it

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I’m also experiencing this

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i just tested. i can confirm there is a bug when editing existing function.

Same. Cannot update existing functions at the moment, it seems.


Same here, can someone solve this at once?

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Well, if you change your function name from ie. functionName to functionName1, and then save, then open again and rename it back to functionName then you can do it. It’s only required for the function name, as I think it saves as a duplicate, which it doesn’t allow else