Assistant API instructions are not updating

I’m trying to fine-tune a prompt using the Assitant API but I have noticed even though it saves the updated prompt the Assitant is still using the older prompt. I further debugged this by adding versions to the prompt and asking the assistant what version it was. I updated and saved the new prompt with a newer version number but in the app when I asked the assistant for its version status I was getting the older version number.

To put it simply the assistant API is not updating based on newer instructions.

Does anybody know a fix?

Thanks in advance!


Can you provide more detail on how you are “…saving the prompt in the Assistant…” in your application? The Assistant API doesn’t have a “prompt” construct to save per se, so if you provide more information on how you are sending the “prompt” information, we’ll be able to provide better feedback.

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Sorry for my mistake, I meant the instructions for the Assistant.

Ok, thank you for the clarification. Because the Instructions are included in the client.beta.assistants.create function, which creates the Assistant, it is hard for me to think of ways that your Assistant is being created with old Instructions.

Could you either share your code, or pseudocode, on how you are creating your Assistant so I can see if there’s an issue there?

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Hello, I’m recently experiencing this issue. When updating the assistant’s functions, the change only reflects in the interface and not the assistant itself. For example, when adding a new function, it is not detected by the assistant (but it is displayed in the interface as if it were available for function calling).

Did you guys maybe used the same (old) thread? i had a similar problem. but i realized afterwards that i was still in the same thread and the old instructions were still there. so when i update the assistant, i always delete the thread in which i had previously posted. and i think it solved the problem.