Why do fine tuned models use the Open AI API?

My understanding was that fine tuned models take a base model and train it on specific data.

I am having trouble understanding llamaindex, why does it use an openAI API key to work? Shouldn’t it be able to make inferences offline without the use of any third party apps.

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llamaindex is a framework to connect LLM’s together the API is required if you wish to use any of OpenAI’s models and services, ada-002 for embedding, davinchi-003 for base model fine tuning, etc, etc.

I should also note that fine tuning does not teach the model new data directly, it teaches it new ways to think, new patterns to detect. Embeddings usually do a better job of encoding new information and fine tunes encode new ways to process data.

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The base models like davinci are only available through the OpenAI API. That being said, I also recommend embeddings over fine-tuning unless you have a really specific use-case