How do I know which models are available for fine-tuning through the API?

I am making an application where I want to know which models are available for fine-tuning.
When I use the API call “List models” and look in the “allow-fine-tuning” inside “permission” in the response it says that ada, danvinci, curie and babbage is not allowed. However mdoels like if-davinci:3.0.0, davinci-if:3.0.0 and davinci-instruct-beta:2.0.0 are allowed.

This seems to contrast openai’s current documentation that says only davinci , curie , ada , and babbage are available: OpenAI API.

Yes. You can test those easy enough (I have) and they are not fine-tunable with our “pay as you use them” developer API accounts.



How then can I use openAI’s API to know which model are fine-tunable for my account?

You cannot as you discovered.

You must review the API docs and you already did and you listed the base models which you can fine tune.

Refer to your own post:


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I have an opinion.
You can check which models you can finetune using this command in python.
import openai
openai.api_key = OPENAI_API_KEY
Here, only “allow_fine_tuning”: true models you can finetune.