Why Did OPENAI Scale Down and NERF DALL-E 3 Image Generation on ChatGPT from 4 Images to Just 1?

I’ve been playing around with the image generation feature on ChatGPT (which uses DALL-E) and noticed a significant change. It used to be that you could generate up to four images in one go, but now it seems we’re limited to creating just one image at a time. Does anyone have the inside scoop on why OPENAI decided to make this change?

Was it a technical limitation, a strategic decision, or something to do with resource management? The multi-image feature was incredibly useful for comparison and variety, so this feels like a step back in functionality. If you have any insights or official communication from OPENAI, that would be super helpful. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s curious about this change.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and information!