Why chatgpt cant respon a code that have more than 300 lines?

so recently i have been using chatgpt for my project its really helpful. But when this day, i open the web and i start the convo, and then i give code to make my request, and then the chatgpt says it have an issue for generate response, how i solve this ?

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Send the model less information at a time. You’re likely exceeding the input limit.

You should fill a local graphdb with your code and give chatgpt code paths/stack traces with just the code you need to solve your problem. And also embedd your code into e.g. ada model or put it locally into a vetcor db to find stuff that fits to your problem.

But to be honest. Do you really want the model to be able to write the whole code? What would you do then? Exactly you’d be doing manual labor.