ChatGPT long respones for questions


I am trying to generate questions in a specific format for a vocabulary app I am creating. I want to make 1000 questions, but chatgpt limits my responses. How can I make them longer? Do I have to use the API or instructgpt?


Even with API there is a token limit. 1000 questions not possible in most cases even hard with gpt-4. There is a max token limit.

generate in segments. like 100 at a time.

u can make it do the same task with a list say things used and things unused for the questions and tell it to ask 100 questions at a time and with the continue conversation button makes it possible but u have to chat the max token to 1000 and then as told yes u can make it do it in that way but it all depends on how u do it i prefer the list methide because i know it works the best and then chunking it or segmenting the questions in to 25 at a time or 100 at a time because there is a character limit and that is where u can run into problems