WHY ChatGPT 4.0 is getting stupider and stupider

I’ve really been using gpt 4.0 since day one and it keeps getting stupider? I can’t understand why? While it was very beautiful at first, it has now turned into something that is not worth the money. A lot of new features were added, but it became stupid. I want my old smart GPT 4.0 back


I agree. I have been using ChatGPT since it started and its answers are becoming more and more ridiculous. It doesn’t even TRY any more. It gives completely false responses and when you correct it, it just says ‘I apologize’. That’s no use to anyone. It seems to be LEARNING to be stupid! Is it that people don’t give a thumbs down to stupid answers so it doesn’t log that it is making mistakes?


And it is getting worse over time. Firstly I thought maybe it’s a human factor - we just demand more and more. But after googling and seeing that I’m not alone I believe more and more that its GPT behaviour what is changed

I felt the same way, like it must be something I’m doing. I honestly find it to be almost unusable at this point. I have no idea what happened in the last few months but it seems like every time the add a new feature, the logic of the system goes to hell. I used to treat it as a co worker to bounce ideas off of to help me resolve issues with code and why things aren’t working – now it just regurgitates the same information back at me over and over again. I gave it a 400 line code file and asked it to resolve a problem I was having, it responded like 8 times in a row with literally not making a single change to the code. I ran the before and after files in a “check for differences text editor” and there was not a single letter, including comments that was different from the version I gave it.


Completely agree, I started using git-4 for day 1 and now I stopped paying, it’s getting more stupid by the day.

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If you guys try to ask it to name one odd number without e it will reply 40.
Absolutely wrong.