Why can we no longer copy text in the "Edit Message" box? (Firefox)

When you get stuck with the infinite loading, and I have to press STOP to retry, and it doesn’t work:

I would like to be able to go to my message to copy the text. But the “edit message” text editor doesn’t let you copy any text (Firefox).

I’m fairly sure it used to do this.
CTRL + C doesn’t work
Right-click shows a COPY option, but nothing is moved to my clipboard.

In combination with this bug:

It’s enfuriating since it ruins my message with garbage formatting instead of the code I send to ChatGPT, so my messages are unrecoverable.

I have to go into page source to get my text back to be able to re-send it to ChatGPT…

I’m sorry but this is ridiculous! What is going on with ChatGPT? What is the UI/UX team doing?

Hi mnemic,

I wanna hook into this conversation.

I also experience this problem quite frequently with firefox on linux.
However, it is not limited to ChatGPT but also appears sometimes with Google Gemini.

You can fix it sometimes by copying text from other sites or the URL.

Either way, i think its mainly a Firefox/Clipboard Problem that is triggered by something on these websites.

Hopefully it gets fixed though.