Whisper API Feature request / Feedback

For a webapp we can upload an audio file, which works great for 15 - ~20 minute files. Meaning, those will return the context before a script (PHP) times out.

Obviously, I can increase the time-out limit but as we all know: users are not gonna watch a spinning icon until the transcript is done.

So, my very helpful feature request is an (optional) webhook attribute to add to the prompt, temperature etc.

With a webhook, you can quickly process a successful file upload and route the user to a success message pending the completion of the file. Once the file is done processing, the webhook can just return the json/text etc. to the server, where it can be processed and stored for the user.

Looks to me like a pretty good feature.

What do you think?

If you are creating the web app, you can create this feature yourself. If not, ask the web app provider to do it.

Hmm, I have to look into that. As far as I know you can only get back data with the API, After a form file upload and triggering the API it’s waiting for the returned json.

I’ll research your suggestion. Thanks for the heads up!

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Yeah what you are saying is totally doable. You just wait for the response back, but create a results link, and have your service populate it and notify when done.

Yeah, I might be able to get this done with some shell_exec or cron methods. Usually i try to stay away from option 1 on the front end. However, It may very well be just what I have to do here. Thanks again.

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What do you mean increase the time out limit? I’ve been splitting my videos every 25MB with moviepy and looping through them. Is there a parameter to remove the time out limit?

I was referring to the php time out. I used the other suggestion though now all is fine.