Which is better For coding Gpt4 or 4o?

Someone Please tell For writing coding which is more reliable GPT4 or 4o?
for suppose i am trying to write code for some task which i have no knowledge in at this point which gives me more reliable answer?

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Without having more details, I’d say, give both a shot and see for yourself. 4o is faster, cheaper and longer context window with a bit more capabilities being released to the public later on

You could also try them on the playground, by the way

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I have been using both for about a month (very limited coding experience) and for me, 4o has been great in that it has educated me on coding structure and purpose of strings.

I do have to say that it took a lot of debugging and checking and perhaps it’s more of an organic process than an exact tell-me-exactly-what-goes-where and expect it to work first go.

It took me a while to figure out that 4o was reproducing the entire section/file of code for me so I did have some errors as there were duplicates, but it can check your code for you.

I’ve been really impressed with how quickly 4o has helped me and educate me at the same time. But it’s been hard work for a non-coder. :joy:

Edit: I will be trying gpt4 on the next stage of my project and maybe on some debugging as I’ve been reading some opinions on here from people who believe 4 is better at code, so I’ll give this a try and see if that is true for my context and ability level also. Good luck :grin:

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