Which AI is best for Python coding?

Which AI (Bard, Chat-GPT or so) is best for Python coding? If Chat-GPT, which plan of it? Ver.3, ver.4o or ver.plus?
I appreciate you.

It depends on your specific needs. Based on personal usage, Claude (Haiku is a good m alternative if you don’t want to pay for Opus) and often outperforms GPT-4o. Codestral from Mistral is also an excellent alternatives, faster and cheaper! I haven’t tested the latest Qwen 2 models, but based on feedback from other developers, it seems highly relevant and performant, so it’s worth checking out.

I recommend testing multiple models, as the best choice can vary depending on the task. No single model excels at everything in the current state of things, based on my experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personal suggestion, consider Cursor IDE, an alternative to VS Code Copilot. I’m not affiliated with them, but it significantly eases development and is designed for LLM and AI, making it faster and more relevant. :exploding_head:
The paid version supports multiple models like Claude Opus, GPT-4o, Gemini and more. Although I use the free version, the pro version offers a free trial and enhances efficiency. It’s hard to revert to the free version once accustomed. I plan to switch to the paid version soon for its superior flexibility and functionality compared to VS Code Copilot+.

Hope this helps!

Hey there!

It ultimately depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

Bard is great for generating code snippets and providing creative suggestions, while ChatGPT can help with providing more general programming assistance.

In terms of Chat-GPT versions, it really comes down to the specific features and capabilities you need for your coding tasks.

Hope this helps!

In my experience Claude Opus is the best especially when working on a complex project.

How about Microsoft copilot? Is not it better that ChatGPT and Claude?