Where can I find the new API access to ChatGPT?

In the Playground, davinic-003 is still the latest model. Where can I find the ChatGPT API access?

I don’t think playground has the ability to use gpt-turbo3 as a model yet. You might need to use the API call directly to access it.

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O.K., thank you. It would be beneficial to publish concrete examples of how to adapt existing code to the ChatGPT API. Just replacing the model name doesn’t seem to work.

I’m pretty sure i seen it yesterday in the playground. But when i logged into day it wasn’t there anymore. I think i might be going insane.

If you look at some of the documentation for the chat completions call, they have given a few examples on adapting the prompts from GPT to chat gpt api. It’s essentially a user-assistance interaction where you are the user and GPT the assistant.

Thanks! Do you have a link to the documentation?

No. I am in the gym.

But it is very easy to google for the OpenAI API docs!


If you find any reference to “examples on adapting the prompts from GPT to chat gpt api.”, please let me know :wink: