GPT-4 1106 Preview rate limited to 200 RPD?

First time ever running into this - I’m Tier 5, yet can see that API rate limits are only 200 RPD (requests per day) regardless - I assume this is only a preview thing, right? Any idea how long so I can inform my users (and make a decision whether or not to continue to offer it)?

They’re already blown away by the difference (as am I), and so would love to have a timetable for this.

Wow, it went up! It was 100 RPD yesterday for everyone … and I mean everyone, as far as I can tell.

Timetable is “a few weeks”, but that is what I remember from yesterday.

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gpt-4-1106-preview now at the full tokens-per-minute of GPT-4, so you can get closer to sending the model a book for $1 and not hit a rate limit block with the first request.

The request-per-minute and day is probably a “well, it hasn’t gone error 500 on everybody yet since our biggest publicity push to the biggest user base yet”.