When reviewing a Word document, ChatGPT does not review or take into account all the details

I put a Word document and tell it to generate content, but I see that it makes things up even when those things are already clarified in the Word document. Then, I have to clarify that or resend the Word document, creating a big problem when I specify in my prompt that it should review every detail of the files the user provides. ¿What should I do to ensure it reviews the Word document correctly?

I had the same problem with a Word 2010 docx. Try a newer version like 2019 or later. Other problems could be headings in the document or other formatting that sometimes seems to “blind” ChatGPT. Personally, I would use PDFs, or even better markdown, json, rtf, or txt files.

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It’s gotten really bad. I wish I could give advice, but I think it’s not going to get better until there is a release to fix the glitches.

use a 3 stage cot (chain of thought) prompt:

  1. Evaluate what you need to extract from the word doc
  2. Extract the info
  3. Generate content (with markdown to identify final output)

Hi @Nomad-web-debug

I made a sample custom GPT to test HERE how to work with an uploaded Word file in chat without mention name of the file.

I saw it worked well. But It needs to be tested with a big amount of file.

You will see its instruction end of the chat.