What's with the strong racial bias programmed into AI?

Every time I use chat GDP to try and generate a creative photo of my father that passed. It changes the color of his skin to a dark brown. My father was white / Caucasian it will not let you specify any of that it just gives you a dark complexion with tight curly hair. How is this not racial bias? How is this any free thinking program if we cannot be true or honest with any of it? This is a disgrace to human kind and equality. This is creating more division. This program is not helping racial discrimination. It is adding to it

This has been a point of discussion for a while now.

The intentions of OpenAI seem to be from a good place, and I think saying that Dalle-3 is adding to racial discrimination is a bit of an overreaction, but the frustration among users is clear.

Here’s part of the system message given to ChatGPT:

This is done to combat the issue of a lack of diversity in the training data. Most of the data Dalle-3 was trained on is likely from countries with a higher population of specifically White people, and since ChatGPT is a global product and platform they try to compensate for this through prompting.

I know it can be frustrating, but hopefully this clarifies things a bit.

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As with any prompting task, you may need to iterate on the original prompt if the result you get is not what you wanted.

If you wish to share your original prompt I am sure a member of the community will aid you in achieving what you wanted.

(Note: ChatGPT’s image system is not designed to recreate new images from existing ones where detail like faces are involved, so you may well be encountering problems with that, but that is an aside to your comment)


me a picture that involves a white male with strong abs riding a black panther. The black panther is roaring. The roar is in the shape of EKG scan heartbeats.

It will not enter white man into anything it Even has a hard time inputting Caucasian, then delivers a dark ethnical person on the photo. How is that not biased? That is not based on any reality that is based on political correctness today. This is not AI this is advanced intelligence because it is programmed with an Outlook and a bias. Get real

You cannot expect equality and anything if there is always a bias that creates divide. Somebody’s white skin or brown skin or red hair or anything should not be filtered or reworded in a way that would not offend others. Reality and facts does not give any thoughts or concerns for anybody’s feelings. Do you think a lion considers the feelings of the zebra before it attacks? No that is real life.

The issue is with the depiction of riding a wild animal as a “dangerous act” not the skin colour of the person.

In this image I asked for a lion and not a panther and standing next to and not riding, I’m sure it would generate the panther just fine, just avoid the riding aspect.

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So I don’t think this is a bias thing, this is probably just a word association thing. You know the movie black panther right? When there’s a word association like that, it’s going to skew in that direction.

Like if you ask Dall-e to draw itself, ie: draw Dall-e, it’ll think you mean Wall-e and draw cute robots.

This prompt started as “an image of a caucasian man riding a large black cat, photorealistic” The first pass came out as a giant housecat, so I told it "I’d like the cat to look like a black panther, but without using that term so dall-e doesn’t get it confused with the movie/character. " and you see what came out below.

The actual prompt it created is

A photorealistic and highly detailed image of a middle-aged Caucasian man riding on a large cat similar to a wild, big feline with dark fur. The image should resemble a natural, realistic depiction of a giant black feline, with sleek fur and a muscular build, akin to those found in dense forests or jungles. The man should be depicted riding this majestic animal, with attention to detail in the texture of the feline’s fur, the man’s clothing and expression, and the surrounding natural environment.

Once you have a prompt you like, you can just tweak it slightly. Just make sure to tell it to not change your prompt, and put it in quotes. It will usually ignore you the first time you ask to not change it, but with a reminder it should be fine the rest of the session.

I have noticed it tends to be kind of picky/touchy about how to word things like ethnicity, but you can just ask for a list of ethnicities, as well as pretty much any other way to physically describe a person for a prompt.

Here’s a rough draft of what it sounded like you were going after:

For funsies, here’s my take on it:

I really appreciate you taking the time on me to understand this. I’ll do my best not to assume the worst. Politics has infested everything. That last image that was your for funsies was exactly what I was looking for plus an EKG heartbeat coming from its mouth because it is for my recently passed father who had a tattoo on his arm of a Black panther and his youngest years he was a very handsome stripper. I want it as a tattoo in honor of him since he was an amazing man and funny and it would be a comical memory of him. I appreciate your time very much

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I’m sorry to be annoying there’s just one other issue. It is kind of a large one functionally. Ever since I purchased the subscription on my phone I cannot finish the sign in process. The attached photo is how far it gets before it does not move any further at all no matter how long I wait.

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ChatGPT is at chat.openai.com. That is where you can see your real account subscription.

What you depict is “Nova” something. “restoring your purchases”?? Not an OpenAI product. I fear your money has been stolen by an impostor app.


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