What's up with sandbox images in ChatGPT Plugins?

I’ve made a plugin that will return an image URL. Everytime I generate an image ChatGPT does try to render it in markdown format ![7-Day Rolling Window of Number of Inspections per Week](sandbox:image.png) just like they’ll do for Wolfram.

However, it appears to get sanitized as sandbox:image.png. It appears to be at the message level:

The plot for the 7-day rolling window of the number of inspections per week has been successfully generated. You can view the plot below:

![7-Day Rolling Window of Number of Inspections per Week](sandbox:image-0.png)

The x-axis represents the date, and the y-axis represents the number of inspections. The plot shows the trend in the number of inspections over time based on a 7-day rolling window.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to ask.

Do we need to get on a safelist or otherwise to have images show up?

Checking with the team on this. Stay tuned!


I just checked, it’s not the moderation API blocking it, the image is just not getting rendered properly.