Image Renderings in custom GPT's

Are others experiencing that images are no longer rendering in custom GPT’s? It was a capability ever since launch but then I tried yesterday and nothing.

The markdown gets added like this during output:
![alt text](image URL)

But the image doesn’t show. In looking at the html it just shows:

Any ideas?


Just to link a similar issue, me too facing

Seems like a widespread problem and OpenAI staff should take the time to fix them

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having the same issue, is there any workaround?

Hi, @dgiannini @honkhonk , I’ve managed to resolve my issue, yet I’m uncertain if your experiences mirror mine. If they do, you might find this post useful. How I Solved the GPT Image Display Glitch and Should We Keep the Security Mechanism? - GPT builders - OpenAI Developer Forum Should it prove helpful, I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below. I’m advocating for OpenAI to lift their restrictions, making similar issues more straightforward to address.

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I can’t get it to work. Can you share what you are doing behind the scenes?

Some background on where I am at:

In my original GPT, images are coming over in an API json response. You would see it creating the markdown to render the image and then it would disappear and no image would be shown. It worked fine for months.

Based on what I thought you were doing, I created a very basic markdown file with a single image shown here:

![Mountain Climber](upload://gmUheRydAUbMLgzWVsLuDQevB7f.jpeg)

I uploaded it as a knowledge file and asked it to show me a image of a mountain climber. I still got the same issue.

Any help to get me to where you are would be appreciated.

I just noticed external links to webpages no longer work as well. The use case was that I could get people to additional articles on a subject but it looks like all external links, whether images or webpages, are getting scrubbed.

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My scenario differs from yours; my GPT setup doesn’t involve handling API json responses. For my specific case, the workaround I found was adding the links of the images I need to display directly into the Instructions section, like appending them at the end.

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Seems like this was an intentional block of URLs in the markdown response. Image tag in <div></div> was removed or hidden after it was added to the page.

My entire GPT was designed to work with dynamic images displayed using ![](). Now I can’t use it anymore :sob:

Hey guys

I just found out that Diagrams: Show Me GPT was able to dynamically show the SVG images in the GPT response. Can anyone figure out how this GPT achieved it? That would solve this issue. Thanks🙏


As an FYI, I think their images work as the links do not end with any know image extension. Because of this, they can get the GPT to render the image without triggering whatever mechanism currently removes images from the output.

Their images end with something simlar to this