What’s the best way to find someone with access to SORA?

Hey community,

Working on a project researching Sora AI.

I would love to get in contact with someone who has access to Sora AI, but most of them are super high profiled people and don’t have time for a person like me.

Any suggestions on how to find perhaps less known individuals with access to Sora and ask them a couple of questions?


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Why do you want to get in contact?

I just want to say it is like finding niddle in the haystack. i recommend you instead of finding the people try to read the research and then find the most aligned persons or tools.

Best of luck ahead.

A list of all people who have access to Sora is not publicly available, but there is lots of information on it here.


Don’t worry they will release a public beta in few months. (I hope so).

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My bet is before or at the 2k24 devday. hoping…

I’m new to the community, I hope that access to “Sora” will be made available soon
Like many here, I’m very curious and eager to use it.