Collaborating with and Promoting Sora on YouTube

Would love to collab with SoraAI and other content creators to bring the tool more exposure.

I’ve got over 100K subscribers on YouTube, and enjoy making fun, dramatic, and silly AI content with Midjourney; ElevenLabs; PikaLabs; Runway etc etc, so I can’t express how excited I am about SORA.

Does anyone know how to get in contact with the Sora team, because I feel they might be interested, and I could genuinely benefit them. (and I want that sweet sweet early access)

Thanks a lot guys.

(sorry I just got here and made a previous post with the wrong tag, so deleted that one)

SORA is currently not accessible to the public, and there is no publicly available means of contacting them. The recommended action is to bookmark the FAQ page and check it regularly.