What Promots Can I Use to Create A Platform Like Picoworkers? Is it even possible

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to create a platform similar to Picoworkers net where users can post small tasks and workers can complete them for payment. I’m considering integrating ChatGPT to handle some of the interactions and processes on the platform. Specifically, I’d like to use ChatGPT for:

  1. Helping task posters create effective and clear job descriptions.
  2. Assisting workers with understanding and completing tasks.
  3. Providing customer support and handling common queries.

Could anyone suggest what prompts I could use to achieve these functionalities? Any examples of prompts for creating job descriptions, guiding workers, or handling customer support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Samar2,

Yes, you can do it. I suggest you create your Custom GPT to work on this project. You should copy this post you made and ask GPT to see what it can offer you.

Here is an example:

Integrating ChatGPT into your platform can greatly enhance user experience by providing clear communication and support. Here are some suggested prompts for the three functionalities you’re considering:

1. Helping Task Posters Create Effective and Clear Job Descriptions

Prompt Examples:

  1. General Job Description Creation:

    • “I need to create a job description for a task where the worker has to write a 500-word blog post about the benefits of remote work. Can you help me with that?”
    • “Can you help me draft a clear and concise job description for a task that involves testing a new mobile app and providing feedback?”
  2. Specific Details Inclusion:

    • “I want to post a task for creating a social media graphic. The worker needs to use our brand colors and include the text ‘Spring Sale Now On!’. Can you help me write this job description?”
    • “Help me create a job posting for a data entry task where the worker needs to enter 100 survey responses into an Excel spreadsheet.”
  3. Ensuring Clarity and Instructions:

    • “Can you assist me in writing a detailed job description for a task that requires transcribing a 30-minute podcast episode? Please include instructions on formatting and deadlines.”
    • “I need a job description for a research task where the worker needs to find and summarize five articles on the latest trends in artificial intelligence. Can you help me make it clear and easy to follow?”

2. Assisting Workers with Understanding and Completing Tasks

Prompt Examples:

  1. Clarifying Task Instructions:

    • “I have a task to complete a survey but I’m not sure what to do. Can you explain the steps I need to follow?”
    • “I need help understanding a task that requires writing a product review. What are the key points I should include?”
  2. Guidance for Specific Tasks:

    • “I’m working on a task to edit a video clip to make it 2 minutes long. Can you give me some tips on how to do this effectively?”
    • “I need to complete a task that involves creating a spreadsheet with contact information from a list of websites. Can you guide me on the best way to organize this information?”
  3. Ensuring Quality and Accuracy:

    • “I have to proofread a document as part of my task. What should I look for to ensure it’s error-free and well-written?”
    • “I’m tasked with designing a logo for a new company. What are some important design principles I should keep in mind?”

3. Providing Customer Support and Handling Common Queries

Prompt Examples:

  1. General Support:

    • “I’m new to this platform. Can you explain how to post a task?”
    • “How can I withdraw my earnings from the platform?”
  2. Technical Issues:

    • “I’m having trouble uploading a file for my task. Can you help me troubleshoot this issue?”
    • “I didn’t receive payment for a task I completed. What steps should I take to resolve this?”
  3. Policy and Procedure Inquiries:

    • “What are the guidelines for posting a task on this platform?”
    • “How does the dispute resolution process work if there’s a disagreement between a task poster and a worker?”

Example Prompts for Each Functionality:

  1. Job Description Creation:

    • “Help me write a job description for a task where workers need to create a PowerPoint presentation on marketing strategies for small businesses.”
  2. Assisting Workers:

    • “I have a task to summarize a 10-page research paper. Can you help me understand how to identify the main points and write a concise summary?”
  3. Customer Support:

    • “I need assistance with resetting my password on the platform. Can you guide me through the steps?”

These prompts should help guide the interactions with ChatGPT to ensure that users can create clear job descriptions, workers can understand and complete tasks effectively, and common customer support queries are handled smoothly.

I will also upload a video with a Multi-Agent System (2 layers), with a demonstration to show that it is possible. However, you must design everything with care and run a lot of tests.