How to select a proper system prompt

I am looking best way to solve the following task. I am creating an integration with ChatGPT so based on user input my app creates tasks or initiates processes. As aach API call consists of two prompts system and user, I have a list of system prompts. How do I select a proper prompt based on user input? E.g. user types “onboard user A” or “stop onboarding user B”, depending on the context I should send different system prompts. How do I achieve the above?

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Maybe use embedding to get user intent then show SYSTEM-MESSAGE X,Y, or Z depending on what you get back?

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Thanks for your response! Do you mean to let users choose the system prompt?

No, take the first user input and run it to Curie maybe or GPT-35-turbo (prob better) to determine their intent then load a system message based on whatever “intents” you set-up the first layer to recognize.

I see now, let me try and I’ll post the results. Thank you!

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