What is the Plugin time out limit in ChatGPT

What is the limit for Plugin request timeout? My plugin takes user input then creates the detailed content and shares a file link that user can download. As one can understand more time means better quality and content length. If I know max time limit then I can optimize my output for the plugin.

Just pinged the team to see if we can share this value, hang tight!

Hi @logankilpatrick, I know the team is swamped with work, but if you have any updates or info on this, we’d really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch :blush:

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This would be great to know the limits to help make sure it doesn’t exceed on a request… also response size limit be good too :grin: thanks

I found the plugin timeout info in the docs! :tada: My bad for not looking there first, haha! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for being patient, and no need to reply. Have an awesome day! @logankilpatrick

cc: @owenmerry @vikram.pandya

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Thanks, may be it was not there and added now? I couldn’t find it earlier when I had gone theough.

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Oh very nice :star_struck: thanks for sharing

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Is there any way we can set custom timeouts in the manifest or the max timeout can be increased to a higher value. As we are using the ChatGPT APIs for generating our responses which sometimes take more than 45 to 50 seconds to respond back. Or any documentation on how we can stream the response for the plugin like it’s being done for the Browsing plugin where the user is able to see searching “example”, click on link, reading content, etc…

Yes same request. I would like to increase the timeouts too.