Gpt 4 Turbo Pricing Next Year of 2024

I’m curious, should we anticipate gpt 4 Turbo price dropping when the new year roles around? Or will the price remain the same?

The price of GPT-4 has not budged since introduction March 2023, despite any efficiencies found (that one may expect from symptoms). GPT-3 models, the same price since September 2022.

gpt-4-turbo introduced November has lower price by being made euphemistically “turbo”. We can be informed by the past to doubt any changes would be forthcoming.

I was really hoping that wouldn’t be the case :sob: what kind of god would allow this to happen

well, theoretically, technically, and practically as a tiny consolation: you’re getting an inflation discount if they don’t raise the prices

November also saw release of a new gpt-3.5 model with more input context length and still an input price reduction. Fine tune costs of gpt-3.5-turbo were slashed (maybe just on that new model?) so we just got that price reduction.

Inflation discount? I’m sorry I don’t understand :smiling_face_with_tear:

With inflation, the price of everything else is going up. The money you left under the mattress will buy you 2022’s $4 Wendy’s biggie bag for $6 now, but the same GPT-3.


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Oh? I haven’t realized they made another 3.5 model!