What if threads in the assistantfeature are not deleted

I create a thread when the page loads but can’t find the right time to delete it and I wonder what happens if I never delete the thread under this assistant

Threads have a lifetime of 60 days, after which they are removed.

You should have some sort of interface that allows a user to say they are done and tidy up, though. Keep bugging them with a display of their chats until deleted.

On the note of Threads and by proxy Assistants and Files, I’ve been trying to find a way to mass delete some Files from the system and coming up short.

I did do some research here: Cant delete assistant files after deleting assistant and here: Cleanup all the files attached to a thread - #2 by RonaldGRuckus to get some context on the right API calls to make but I think I’m missing something to be honest because I can’t get any File related requests to work.

Any suggestions, I can post my redacted terminal output if it would help.


Dude, this is 100% what I was looking for. I’ll test it out tomorrow and let you know but based on a quick glance alone, I can see where I messed up on my earlier attempts.

Thanks a lot! I appreciate you directing me to your post.

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I was wondering where did you get this information that threads have a lifetime of 60 days I’ve been searching through the files for a long time but I can’t find this information

I will respond to this in context but I wanted to know if you had encountered this issue: I used your script and it worked PERFECTLY, it cleared all the existing shared files and allowed even more so a greater control over the existing Assistants. Then they restructured the whole system to be projects, Default Projects, and ones you created. Now, I have an open ticket with OpenAI (nightmare of nightmares) because after changing to that system, all my deleted files and all my deleted assistants magically reappeared in my Default Project sections.

I am not sure whether or not OpenAI is restoring form backups when they make these changes or not or whether those backups fall inside their retention period or whatever, but after the chnage, EVERY, SINGLE, deleted item that worked from your script has returned. This is in the OpenAI API and not the ChatGPT Team ecosystem which is its own bag or marbles.

Have you been made aware of this and is using your existing script enough given the new tags and parameter labels? Thanks again for your help.