What if the gpt-4 version will be a €59'99 price per year

Hi I am a gpt user, I came to an idea about the subscription price of the gpt-4. What if they want to earn more money for the new version, wouldn’t it be better to have a little more space?Giving to the people so they save more money My idea is the subscription of € 59.99 per year Can be used for the gpt-4 and that is better than € 20 per month Why because of making people broke faster in money I myself am not allowed to pay for it and I think this is a better idea for the price earning for the company and more opportunity for people who can afford it.Sincerely, gpt-3.5 fan

This really isn’t the right venue for this, perhaps you should try chat.openai.com?

That said, your big idea seems to be that they should discount the service by 75% at which point they would be losing money on every subscriber. Then the goal is to make it up in volume?

I can confidently predict OpenAI isn’t going to go for this but shoot your shot, friend.