What does an Assistant chat cost? I see it retrieval but nothing else

I get that Assistant will manage context for me and all that and therefore the number of tokens used will vary … BUT I need to know how much this is costing? Currently I’m not using retrieval which has semi-clear cost.

I don’t know if a typical chat session costs $0.05 or $5.00! Kind of important!

I’ll assuming:
client.beta.assistants.create is FREE
client.beta.threads.create is FREE
client.beta,threads.messages.create costs SOMETHING
client.beta,threads.runs.create is FREE
client.beta.threads.runs.retrieve is FREE
client.beta.threads.threads.messages.list cost SOMETHING

Why doesn’t the API just return token count when appropriate??
Thanks for any info.

This is a problem and there are several threads about it, best to search the forum. For now, you really don’t know what any of this costs as you use it, just whatever they charge after the fact. It is really unfortunate.

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Thanks. Yes, I’ve searched. Many of us will have to pause adoption of this new feature because it is not clear what it will cost.

For commercial use, there is no way it can be used because without cost, you can’t make a business model for it’s use.

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