What are some strategies to bypass GPTZero or other AI detection tools?

Hey guys,
I’d like to know if it should be a concern if an AI detector like GPTZero flags my writing as AI-generated. I wrote a few paragraphs for my article and it detected them as AI-generated. I’m wondering if these tools are reliable. How could I edit the text or in what style should I write to bypass GPTZero or other AI detectors? Or at least how should I explain to someone who uses them on me that they are not trustworthy?


Please add more context about the use case.


I wouldn’t worry about it. All AI-writing detectors are completely unreliable.


Different models have slightly different inherent writing styles. While you might have a hunch that something is AI generated, there is no longer any way to be absolutely sure. It is, however, certainly suspicious if you and all your classmates suddenly have exactly the same cadence and choice of vocabulary.

The easiest way to get around this, is to instruct the model to write in a certain style.

A more sophisticated way is to create a personal fine-tune; a model that has been trained to stylistically emulate someone (or thing). Train it on your own writings, so it writes like you would.


It’s a good question, I am currently experimenting with it, but I would layer prompts so that it can replicate your writing style. I am not 100% sure how AI detectors detect the AI, but originality.ai flags each content I produce as AI, so there are patterns. I would add in burstiness, perplexity and other rules in order to train the AI to write more naturally. I am still testing this out btw.

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There are several ways to you can try:

  1. Include typos or grammar errors. (Easy, effective but risky)

  2. Replace some letters with their look-alike ones (check out this homoglyphs list). (Easy, effective but risky)

  3. Ask ChatGPT to rewrite your text with irregular word choices or in different tones, or prompt it to generate the text with those requirements. (Easy, but not effective all the time)

  4. Try a rewriter designed for this, such as HIX Bypass, Humbot, BypassGPT, AIHumanizer.ai, BypassAI, etc. (They are not free)

  5. Add your own personal details, story, brand, services, product specs, data, research findings, etc. (Need some manual editing)


Stop spamming this tool bro, none of these work well enough.