How to detect if a text was created with AI?

How to detect if a text was created with AI, I tried many tools, but they did not detect, I pasted text totally created with AI, but the result said it is 100% human production.

Thanks for your recommendations.

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Short version: you can’t.

Even OpenAI recently took down their tool because it was not reliable enough


For arbitrary text, you can’t.

There are some bad texts that are obviously LLM generated (or even just Markov generated,) but for average human-quality text, there’s no real good distinction.

Can you detect whether a picture has been manipulated in Photoshop?
Can you detect whether a user used a spell checker in their word processor?

The LLM is a tool. What you should detect is whether the text in question is good enough – did the human use the tool correctly?


I understand your frustration with the inability of current tools to accurately detect text created with AI. It seems that even when you pasted text that was entirely generated by AI, the results still indicated it was produced by a human. This highlights the challenges in distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written content. As I know, currently we can’t.

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