How to detect if a text was created with AI?

How to detect if a text was created with AI, I tried many tools, but they did not detect, I pasted text totally created with AI, but the result said it is 100% human production.

Thanks for your recommendations.

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Short version: you can’t.

Even OpenAI recently took down their tool because it was not reliable enough


For arbitrary text, you can’t.

There are some bad texts that are obviously LLM generated (or even just Markov generated,) but for average human-quality text, there’s no real good distinction.

Can you detect whether a picture has been manipulated in Photoshop?
Can you detect whether a user used a spell checker in their word processor?

The LLM is a tool. What you should detect is whether the text in question is good enough – did the human use the tool correctly?


I understand your frustration with the inability of current tools to accurately detect text created with AI. It seems that even when you pasted text that was entirely generated by AI, the results still indicated it was produced by a human. This highlights the challenges in distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written content. As I know, currently we can’t.

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I really doubt the authenticity of these AI detector tools. I have used several paid AI detector tools but results are not accurate. On occasion I have experienced that same tool giving different results for the same content. And if you check the same content in several detector tools the result vary extremely. Even for plagiarism it’s a totally different scenario where you one shows plagarised others non plagarised.

You are correct, but I expect that we will never, at any point, see an elimination of people wanting to detect whether something was generated by AI or not. This isn’t just for the basic reasons like teachers wanting to check and see if the homework they assigned to bother their students actually ate up the students free time or not. It’s a much more basic and universal philosophical reason - essentialism.

If the value of the text (or image or video or whatever) was simply in it’s actual substance, would people pay more for an ‘original’ painting than an identical reproduction? People pretty much universally believe, even if not consciously, that things have their history attached to them. It’s why people feel that their wedding ring is ‘different’ from an identical ring in exactly the same condition. Physically there is no difference. In every objective sense there is no difference. But people feel differently. It’s also the root of the ‘Ship of Theseus’ so-called paradox.

It likely is rooted in neurobiology at some level, but knowing that won’t change the fact that people will want to know whether they’re reading a “human original” or the output from an LLM.

I have a very different problem. My 100% written by myself cover letter came back 100% AI generated! No matter how I try to change it, still 100% AI! It’s crazy! If my teachers try to put on of my work through that, I will be accused of cheating. I am very scared about that…

As an industry this is an open ended problem. As others have said there’s currently no reliable way to do it

I’m almost 100% confident that reliable AI text detection is impossible, especially as LLMs continue to improve.

Trying to detect if you wrote something with the help of AI is like trying to detect if you used a Thesaurus!