What are responsible modes in the playground for?

Hello, I have been strugglinng with understanding the difference between modes here at the playground. So in the mode section we can choose “Chat”, “Complete” and “Edit” Could you please explain me what is the difference between these options? What exactly is this mode called Complete? As I have access to API GPT 4.0 which is somehow possible only to choose in Chat mode why isn’t it possible to choose it in for example in complete mode?

The mode selection in the OpenAI API playground corresponds with a similar API endpoint (url).

The ChatCompletion endpoint, by which you access models like gpt-4, only accepts formatted role messages assigned to a role of “system”, “user”, “assistant”, or “function”, and thus that same mode of operation is created in the “chat” user interface. Unlike a completion model, you can’t simply send raw data into the context where the AI will continue completing text.