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I think it could be interesting to suggest a personal referencing system as an improvement to the service, which would allow you (the bot) to immediately understand the context of the conversation. This could also be hosted locally to avoid overloading servers.

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For ChatGPT

  • Please add a link for this Discourse forum to the list in the lower left.


  • Consider adding a beginner friendly tutorial on Prompt Engineering. Something like the Basics and Intermediate from
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Hello, first of all congratulations the developer of this wonderful AI based system. I use this gpt and I ask many different questions to this and I saw that sometimes they repeat a same answer and sometimes they can’t give appropriate answer. I also ask gpt about the adult topic but it could not give the answer and it said this is not their policy.
So for this is the best thing because sometimes man search abuse things on internet and internet gives him the all details but gpt could not so it’s best

I noticed a flaw in ChatGTP. It appears to have a liberal bias every time I ask it.

ChatGPTs dataset is biased due to the normal biases in “the world’s data”. This bias is not “a flaw” @james9 it is a fact (bias exists in the world) and is how generative AI LLMs work.

If you want a generative AI which is biased based on your beliefs and ideas, @james9 you can fine-tune your own model, or wait patiently a little while for a right-leaning news media company or other organization to get access to a massive LLM and fine-tune it to lean right.

That’s just the nature of LLMs.

It’s not a “flaw”, it’s just “how it is”. There are no “unbiased models”. That is impossible to achieve. Everything in the “human world” is biased in one way or the other.



I think it would be great to have an option to search history chats in chatGPT, or even better - a dedicated page to handle manage those history chats - like dividing to categories, folders and filtering for example, which will make it much easier to manage the chats and come learn from them later on.

Hello all,

I just want to say thank you for an amazing product that I use all day everyday to facilitate learning and enhance my life in many areas.
It would be cool to have a bookmark/save/favorite type of button that would store specific chat dialogs to an accessible area for later reference.
The reason this would be helpful is because I constantly find myself copy and pasting openai responses to txt files on my computer and it is not ideal that way.

My old messages on ChatGPT were not uploaded and disappeared 2 days ago. How can I recover it?

that would be a great idea! if possible, I’d like to define different data sets for each topic. just dreaming :wink:

It would be great If we can get previous questions that we asked to chat gpt in the input field when we press to up or down key. Basically we want command prompt or powershell like feature of getting previous commands.

We do not want to copy the question and again paste it and do modification to the question.
When i dont get expected results in chat gpt i try to modify question and i have to copy and paste question and do modification. Solve this inconvenience . It would be easier to get questions with arrow keys…

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Was granted API access to GPT4 today. Wired up my FIleMaker Pro API Prompt Manager in about 5 minutes replacing gpt-3.5-turbo with gpt4. Tested it by summarizing my CV, LinkedIN, a YouTube Talk Transcript and misc other source data into a single summary of who I am. Now I finally know! Used the newly improved environment to design the high-level schema for a new solutions a client needs. Then used it to help me write up a LinkedIn Article summarizing the experience, and where I point out some fallacies and weaknesses in the output. Looking forward to experimenting with the range of the possible now that 4000 tokens is no longer the limit. Express thanks to the team!

I want to report that incomplete and failed responses on chat gpt 4 counts as mensages, also the model is failing so much

Thank you for all the work you do.

I noticed a tiny typo at OpenAI API

(4,0000 → 4,000)

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Please fix the “Going live” link in FAQ - OpenAI API Community Forum. It brought me to 404 page.

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@almossawi @pennywayne I fixed both of these just now. I am closing this thread since it seems to have been turned into ChatGPT product feedback which was not the original intent. Thanks to those who made suggestions!

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