Voice changed on custom GPT

Hi there, in my custom GPT, the voice suddenly changed. It’s not Cove anymore, but I can still hear it on ChatGPT-4. Has anyone else had this issue?


Voices aren’t associated with a particular custom GPT. It’s in user settings, if the voice you are hearing isn’t the one you are expecting, check there.

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In my settings, the selected voice is Cove, and that’s what I hear when I chat in GPT-4. It’s the same voice I heard on my custom GPT until two days ago. Now, the voice has changed it’s not Cove anymore.

I’m which app?

I’m using the updated ChatGPT app on my iPhone. I have the same bug in the Mac app.

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Yeah i have the same thing. Everything set to Juniper… some other voice. android app

Try changing the voice and changing it back.

I have. I logged out of desktop and app. (Reinstalled the app) Changed voice on both and changed back. Even tried in different orders. Nothing. Basic voice on all custom gpt’s.

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What do you mean by “basic voice”?

I don’t know because i don’t have a name. default voice? i dull female voice. And its not selectable in the voice options.

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Done. I still have the female voice instead of Cove in my GPTs. Furthermore the italian is very broken. As I stated before this is a bug that I didn’t have two days ago.

GPT’s comprehension of my Italian has worsened.

It’s clear that, even though we’re paying for GPT Plus, we’re still beta testers.

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@stijn78493 @fabrizio.gaucci

It’s this when you’re asking the model to Read aloud or in Voice mode when you’re taking directly to the model?

Edit: I just confirmed, in Voice mode when interacting with GPTs, the voice you are hearing is Shimmer.

This is intentional.

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Any idea why? It’s a terrible voice. Just to give the CPU some breathing room so people don’t use voice?


What does “this is intentional” mean? I would like to use the settings I choose as a paying user.

“Shimmer,” besides, is not on my voice list: I see Breeze, Cove, Juniper, and Ember.

As I mentioned before, the overall comprehension quality is worse than before.

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“This is intentional” means precisely that, there’s zero reading between the lines necessary.

Any voice mode interaction with a custom GPT uses the shimmer voice model which is not a selectable option for the voice model to use when interacting with the base models via voice mode.

It is simply a design choice. It is the normal and expected behavior because that is how OpenAI set it up—intentionally.

Jack, this might be true today, but it has changed recently because I’ve always used Cove’s voice in the vocal chat with my custom GPTs.

Well, it’s been something people have been taking about for more than six months now,

They may have, at some point, been doing A/B testing with other voices for GPTs, but the experience you are describing is the experience OpenAI wants you to have, it’s not a bug.

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I completely agree. Shimmer should not be the only way. I have created my GPT as a ChatGPT Plus subscriber and I realise that Open AI have https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/text-to-speech options for male voices such as Onyx. I think having a choice of voice is very important and I am looking forward to the fix so that the GPTs use whatever voice the user has set in their personal settings or a custom voice per GPT that fits with the persona of the GPT.

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