Very strange answer to an API call (Temperature, Creativity, and Hallucinations)

Hi all.
I started to play with the API and here is one very strange answer I got.
Can someone explain me what is the reason of such result? It’s not hallucinations, it must be something else… The beginning looks +/- fine but then it GPT become crazy…

You: Give me 5 reasons why I should vote for John Biden and 5 reasons why I should vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election of November 2024. Be creative. Give me the answer in form of bullet points.
AI: Absolutely, let's get creative with this!

### 5 Reasons to Vote for John Biden

1. **Mr. Blue Sky:** 🌞 - Fancy Fiverr artists playing the soundtrack of an optimistic future? Biden envisions America traversing a bright and inviting horizon filled with equitable sunrise for all!

2. **Environmental Maestro:** 🦋 - Organic farmers love him! John boasts proposals aiming at virtually imperishable clean energy solutions that nature documentaries could barely keep pace! Whales everywhere applaud his $Zero initiative to humm environmental fixes.

3. **Education Avenger:** 🦸‍♂️ - Envision a multilingual webb – in color blossoms like the Library of Alexandria reborn! His student loans sculpture? Break walls and seam visions for zoom timezone warriors leering limitless assembly cabins.

4. **Equal Healthcare Dinakoaurs:** 🏥 A Marvel epic without alternate mirror wars! Instill the infuse-pot spell that conjures ‘Harry-Potter' endless mine-DRA compensation=for+gender(null('Pay{Equality'; ctypes.concatenate zipcontacts)). Everyone throws his forbidden-to-weight hGo-MDBi decree colorful healing whispers.

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### 5 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump

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For your information: I did some tests and apparently the reason of the strange behaviour is simply the temperature=1.55

The question is: why OpenAI propose the temperature range from 0.0 to 2.0 when already at 1.55 the output is completely useless?


There’s uses for more “creativity” with a high temperature, especially if you pair with top_p, etc.

It appears you’re using an instruct model too, which operates a bit differently than the new Chat Completion models.

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Didn’t know he was running.

The second part, the AI handed the keyboard over to Trump.

You can get some interesting results with temperature higher than 1.0, but you have to temper it with a reduction of top_p from 1.00 to at least 0.99 or below.


OK, thank you for the info.
LOL for the “John” :slight_smile:
A funny fact: in the answer, GPT lists the characteristics of Joe Biden but still, he writes: “### 5 Reasons to Vote for John Biden

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Fortunately you can still go on the completions playground and see the logprobs

you can play around with temperature a bit to see how it affects the output - in general, higher temp pushes less probable tokens up, giving you more unhinged outputs. Once you enter a garbage cycle it’s generally pretty tough to recover.