Verifying I am not a bot for the millionth time

Since I am a heavyweight User, I have two accounts.
Each and every time I am sending a prompt in GPT4 from the other account (not this one), I get a request to solve a puzzle in order to verify I am a human (see attached picture).
I solved the puzzle numerous times, yet - I am still requested to verify my identity with each and every prompt.

Some of my prompts are repetitive, and some of my prompts might push the model to its limits.
How can I get rid of the verification?
This really makes my work harder, and the chat a very annoying experience.

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Have the same issue. Every message I send I have to verify my self. What the hell.

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It seems that the issue resolved itself after I took a few days break from ChatGPT.
I hope it won’t happen again.