'Verify you are human' puzzle each time I ask a question to chatGPT!

I too have started getting this incredibly irritating and time consuming “puzzle” for every. single. prompt. Not into it.

Try resyncing your clock. I noticed my clock was not set to the correct time. After I resynced it, I did not have the Captcha return.

This may have been pure coincidence, but it’s worth a try.

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Thank you for sharing. Your response is unique and not something I would not have considered.

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I got the same problem using Safari on my Mac and a fibre connection to internet. When I switched to 4G connection via my Iphone it worked again. I also restarted the fibre router and after that no problem.

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We often see many note problems for this but very few give back useful feedback. You response included information I have not seen before.

Note: I am not an OpenAI employee or one who works with this problem, just a moderator sharing useful facts to help other forum members.

I spent two weeks interacting with the so called “support” at OpenAI. I gave precise information about the problem with a lot of network related details but the bot-based support seems to firewall all this information and responds with generic answers like explaining what a captcha is, try again later, don’t use VPN etc. I even gave a detailed explanation of how the captcha blocking started for me.

After two weeks I had to end my plus subscription due to the lack of support.


Oh my got, I’m getting crazy by this stupid verify Human all the time. And if you miss one, you have to start over all again.

It is the most anoying human verification every!!!

It started when I was getting “network errors” after i post a question with a pdf file. Without pdf it seems to work.
Date/Time is not a problem.

According to uptime, there are no problems with OpenAi chatgpt. (which I doubt)

But can you please find another human detection then these stupid puzzles, they are way to difficult for a human. I will need to write a bot just to respond to them correctly… (my poor eyes)

I doubt that a computer would not be able to solve these…

I know why openai is making us do these puzzles: We are training a recognition model for free. I don’t accept this as a paying customer.

I’m really frustrated of all these network errors, short lazy chatgpt answers and stupid puzzles.

And now I also get the error “The conversation is too long, please start a new one.” for just one single sentence questions with a one page word docx

UPDATE: I’ve heard that excessive use may cause you being prompted but I never really used it that much. I have changed my password anyway in case account was hacked and someone was misusing it. Now, GPT3.5 works fine but getting prompt on every call to GPT4. Both models work fine from my office. I am not sure anymore but I believe there is an issue with some automatic security program. I guess I disturbed the Matrix somehow.

Every time I try to use ChatGPT now, it prompts me to complete a robot challenge. Once I complete the challenge successfully it then tells me it has detected suspicious activity from my account and won’t answer any of my questions or allow me to give the response a negative thumbs down response. I never had issues until recently - YOUR PRODUCT IS BROKEN.

I’m experiencing the same problem of needing to solve 20 puzzles to verify I’m human EVERY time I ask question to ChatGPT. I just signed up for the paid version yesterday and this started happening today. I’ve tried restarting my computer, updating the browser (Chrome), disabling browser extensions, changed DNS, tried a new browser (Safari), clearing cache and cookies, cleared chatpgt data, I do not use a VPN, resetting the date and time, and nothing has worked.

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I am having the same issue. I have tried all the solutions as well and to no avail. It is incredibly frustrating while trying to work. To the point that I am looking for alternative options and am ready to cancel my subscription.

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After trying different browsers I tried a different account an old free account and it works fine in a the browsers. So it is something to each account. I just started paying for the account in January and was billed for February.

I did cancel my subscription and gave them my email if they want to find out why. I guess I have until my next billing cycle to find out is I lose everything.

EDIT: After cancelling I still needed to use it today and for some reason it is working again.

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It is so weird that I cant click the begin puzzle when i ready to pay for my subscription for chatgpt4?
Does anyone has the same issue as me?

I wouldn’t necessarily mind completing the puzzles if I knew HOW to complete them. But I believe now the intent is clear. If you clear your browser cookies and don’t have the ChatGPT cookie or if you use any anti-fingerprinting settings like in Brave, Edge, and others, ChatGPT will make you go through this hassle.