Verification Captcha not working

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing okay.
I’m trying to upgrade to GPT Plus, but when it comes time for me to verify that Im human before making the payment, it is not providing me any puzzle to solve so I am stuck at this stage. In fact, none of the buttons in the verification window are clickable, and my mouse only detects the background window (the one displaying the plans). I’ve tried on a different browser, a different computer, and my phone, but the window remains stuck on this, and I can only interact with the background window. Has anyone else encountered this issue or have an idea for a solution?
Thank you so much

Here’s a screenshot of the window, sorry its in french but I think most of you guessed which one I am talking about.


I’m having the same problem, no captcha showing up, nothing to click.

Edit: after many tries it started working just now, nvm

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Mine doesn’t work either. im having the same issue

try again, it just started working for me.