Action Items Prompt design

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to build an app that summarizes meetings and take action items. Which prompt do you guys think work the best.

E.g Meeting:

David: Hello Everyone, Lets discuss our weekly progress.
Jacob: Sure!
Peter: Sure!

Jacob: We had sold 10k of products
David: great! lets catch up at 5pm to discuss

E.g of possible output.

Weekly progress meeting
Jacob sold 10k
Catchup for david and jacob scheduled at 5pm.

possible prompt that i could use for getting this output.

response= openai.Completion.create(
prompt=“Summarize the meeting and extract action items,
the meeting above/
Action items:”

Do you guys have any other ideas that might work best for this use? or a better prompt?


I’m wondering how you will fit an entire meeting into a 4000 token (3000 word) prompt?

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Maybe use some open source hugging face sumarization or filter tool before handing the reduced prompt to GPT-3?

This might do the job for you:

Summarizes text of any length - 100 API calls / month free to test.

Take advantage of GPT-3’s “text competion” nature. Instead of asking it to do something (like summarize the above) act like you’re passing in a fragment of a document that includes a summery. This got me pretty good results with Curie:


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True I was originally thinking sending it by pieces but i don’t think that will work

So first i should summarize and then ask for action points? or maybe i missunderstood.

I just meant phrase/format things more like a fragment than a back and forth, so things like “Here’s the trasncript: … Here’s the Summary:” Instead of “Summarize the transcript above.”

oh ok thanks you very much!