Vectore Store already has 2GB of storage, but the usage for this month has not increased

I have Vectore Store with a total size of 2GB, but why hasn’t the usage for this month increased? Here are screenshots of my Vectore Store:

I’ve also connected this Vectore Store with my assistant.

And I have a script as an example snippet from my real project like this.

import time
from openai import OpenAI

client = OpenAI(api_key='my-key')

assistant_id = "asst_P1NFgs-myassistantid"
thread = client.beta.threads.create()
thread_id =

def send_message_and_get_response(assistant_id, thread_id, text):
        thread_id=thread_id, role="user", content=text

    list_messages = client.beta.threads.messages.list(
    list_messages = list_messages.dict()

    return list_messages["data"][0]["content"][0]["text"]["value"]

while True:
    text = input("User: ")
    if text.lower() == 'exit':
    response_message = send_message_and_get_response(assistant_id, thread_id, text)

    print("Bot:", response_message)

Every time this script runs, the ‘Last active’ in the Vectore Store screenshot above always updates and assistant response to my chat, indicating there are no errors in my script?

So why hasn’t the usage for Vectore Store increased this month?

This issue has been ongoing since last week, but up to now, the usage this month remains at 0KB.

Also, I can’t find how much I’ve been charged for the usage related to Vectore Store on the page"

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The usage fee for the assistant’s vector storage is calculated on a daily basis, and the first 1GB is free of charge.

Additionally, the Vector Store consumption can be found under the “Retrieval storage usage” section at the bottom of the “Activity” pane on

As it shows $0.1/GB, I believe this means that $0.1 is charged for today’s usage.

Those involved in the activity, but there is no indication that Vectore Store incurred charges.

And the $0.1 is not for today’s usage, because if the size of the Vectore stores is just 12KB, it’s always show $0.1 and from file search assistan api pricing

I feel like the payment calculation will proceed if the usage this month (green color) increases, but I’m confused why it hasn’t increased since last week.

like this price = 0 * 0.1 = $0

That was a mistake to say that $0.10 was charged for today’s usage.

The “$0.1/GB per day” is “Standard pricing not including discount,” so I believe it means $0.1 per day for 1GB, as 1GB of the 2GB is free.

File Search is priced at $0.10/GB of vector store storage per day (the first GB of storage is free). The size of the vector store is based on the resulting size of the vector store once your file is parsed, chunked, and embedded.

However, I’m not sure where the corresponding cost is reflected in the data.

Also, regarding “0KB hours,” if the actual amount used for searches on the vector data is less than 1KB per hour, then it would be displayed as such.
If the “Retrieval storage usage” at the bottom of shows “0KB,” it likely means that the usage has not reached the amount that incurs costs for file search usage.