File Search pricing (API v2)

Hi all. Hope to get a clarification on the pricing model for the file_search tool.
On the Pricing page said:

File Search $0.10 / GB of vector-storage per day (1 GB free)

Does that mean that if my assistant is using less than 1 GB of vector-storage daily, it would be free of charge?

Or will I pay $0.10 daily anyways, and will pay extra for every GB used?

Thank you all in advance!

The first GB is free.


And to be clearer:

It is the amount of data in the vector store. The tokens extracted from documents.

Plus a 50% overlap of the text.

Plus the vectors themselves, 1kB per embedding of a 800 token chunk.


Is the charge on the data storage based on each vector store’s individual data amount or the sum of all data in all vector stores in an account?
For example, say I have 2 vector stores, both of them are 600 MB of storage.
The two individual stores do not exceed 1GB of storage, but combined they do exceed it.

Would I be charged $0 since both individual vector stores do not exceed 1GB, or would I be charged $0.10 since the vector stores combined exceed 1GB?

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:sweat_smile: You reason too much :smiley: I think it’s more like having a storage device, the more you add to it the more storage space is detected. So I think your clever technique of piling individual files won’t escape the bundled 1GB of the day. Just my guess

I have this question too. We have been using threads to store context files but if the amount charged is global to the account and not per vector store we might consider switching to creating assistants with their own vector store and reusing them across threads.

A vector store that is created by and for a message thread will expire and auto-delete after a week of inactivity, and then the thread can no longer be continued in conversation.

That is a behavior to consider, automatic cost savings for the forgetful (but if you ultimately forget, you fill up file storage also), but with some degree of cost penalty due to the persistence.

it says “vector storage” is that just for the Vector Indexes created, or is “Files” also charged at this rate - super expensive!