VB6 code and tools for using ChatGPT?

Since thousands of creative windows developers around the world are still using VB6, consider adding capabilities and code samples related to Visual Basic 6. While many will suggest using Visual Studio, consider the fact that many will never abandon VB6 because they consider it to be the best and easiest prototyping tool Microsoft has produced.

The OpenAI API is “programming language independent” for the most part and as long as the language can send and receive a JSON object over the net it can use the API.

For VB6, see for example:


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Ask chatgtp:

How do I do a web request with vb6

(No tooling needed …it’s just JSON)

That said, you’ll probably wanna check this out

PS: if you like vb syntax, I’d highly suggest switching to vb.net

You can still use winforms for the easy drag n drop, and double click event binding, and the syntax is basically the same, however you will benefit highly from generics, linq, and the whole nugget/cross language compatibilities ecosystem, not to mention making web request and JSON is far easier, and built-in

Oh, and you can deploy to Linux, Mac, Windows, or Web if you use the NET6 flavor ^^ (well not winforms)

And of course you can then use cool tools like this for quick prototyping