Using the new ChatGPT app on MacBook disables the CMD+S hotkey

Not API-related but I couldn’t find a more appropriate place to post in.

I installed the new ChatGPT app on my MacBook, and the Command+S hotkey stopped working across the OS (browser, vscode, and other apps).

When I uninstalled the app, everything went back to normal and Command+S started working again.


You don’t need to uninstall it. You can just close the chatGPT desktop app and you will be able to use the CMD+S

They might want to make sure that only the global command should work and not the CMD+S

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I found if you go to ChatGPT/Settings/Desktop Launcher and remove the keyboard shortcut then command-s starts working again. Even though the shortcut is supposed to be command-space.


Restarting the app solved the issue for me