Using OpenAI GPT-3 for Groovy code generation with some specific Java API


First of all, I want to apologise if this question is too obvious or doesn’t make sense, but I’m a newbie with OpenAI (and also automatic code generation). I have watched some demos and it’s impressive how code can be generated from natural language, so I was wondering whether this can be used to generate code for a custom use case, I mean, using a particular API that is not for general purposes. In this case, I’m wondering if it’s possible to generate Groovy code (I didn’t see that this language is included into the codes that GPT-3 can generate) and also using a specific Java API, again, not a general purpose API.

So you can generate this code from natural language, but for your specific domain.

I have read some documentation but I haven’t found anything related to that (or maybe I skipped this). So if someone can shed some light, I’ll really appreciate it :wink:

Thanks a lot!


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