Using Models for world building

I’ve done hobby programming but I only impress people that don’t know how to program, and my API access is learning how to use an API test tool to get responses, but fundamentally I’m playing with the playground and working with it to write stories.

What I’ve been doing is including the world building information in templates and finishing off with short prompts to create stories. I’ve learned a ‘lot’ (by my lights), but I’ve also figured out…I can’t afford this. The $18 credit was burned through in 48 hours, this is and if I have to do this this way I need to become rich and famous pdq.

So, I want to put world building information into AI models via ‘fine tuning’… and I obviously don’t understand fine tuning. Is it feasible to add data describing the relationships between countries etcetera using the fine tuning functionality, or is this just wistful thinking?

Because I genuinely like the results I’m getting; just with prompts you can generate a lot of background, but I can also spend a lot more money than you’d think you could at 2¢/1000 tokens when 800 tokens are reprising the same background stuff every time.


Hey, welcome to the community.

I’ve build over 2 dozen world building tools if you’d like to take a look…

Yeah, that’s light-years past where I’m at. I’m still trying to get this API testing tool to upload json data so I could try to build a fine tuned model.

This may not be something I can effectively pull off from a mobile device - the functionality seems to be there but I get errors saying I need to upload a file or that it doesn’t understand the request.

Not entirely sure why if they can create a playground interface they can’t create a place to upload files and input commands without literally learning how to build an API.

Probably because people would try to upload all sorts of incompatible files and waste bandwidth and resources.