Using Codex to solve Project Euler problems

Hi everyone, I’ve started using Codex to have a go at some Project Euler problems on Hackerrank.

I’d appreciate any feedback if anyone is interested. My main question is am I breaking any terms and conditions by publishing this stuff? I assume it’s fine as loads of people are making vids using Codex but I just wanted to be sure.

Otherwise yeah if you have thoughts on how the videos could be improved that would be cool, I’m interested to see how far the AI can get with the problems.

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I don’t think project euler problems are a good test of coding abilities, as there’ll be multiple solutions within the training data of people solving those problems.

If you want a fair test of Codex, ideally you’d want to use problems which aren’t publicly solved by many different people!


Yeah that’s a really fair point, I noticed that if I just give it the prompt alone then it tends to find a known solution and just use that.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to find coding problems which are less common? I can try some of the other hackerrank ones maybe.

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Maybe try Codeforces and see how it goes.


I have tried using codex to solve this problem but was unable to do so


@Codexman Yeah that’s a really hard problem, I know how to do the arrangements but I have no idea how to start on the colourings. So yeah it would be really impressive if the AI could solve it.

@m-a.schenk I think I have seen some companies use coding tests for hiring. They can set people some questions and see how they do, it’s a good way of screening out people who say they can code but really can’t. I think in general it’s no substitute for in person interviews.