Using ChatGPT to assist in process creation / streamlining

Hi everyone,

I am looking to use ChatGPT to help develop new and modify/streamline current processes in a large organization.

Would you be able to share any ideas/concepts for using ChatGPT in this way? We are currently brainstorming for use cases and would love to know what your thoughts or examples are.

Thank you

I recently used ChatGPT to develop a 24/7 support coverage roster with workers across the globe. Had to go through multiple iterations. Need to accommodate local day timing. Ended up using the spreadsheet instead. Sharing so you know this shift plan streamlining use case did not fit GPT

@colindavisconsult - Did you solve this as a custom GPT? I am also looking to create one for creating rosters.

However, the roster I need has many conditions, and ChatGPT seems to struggle - any ideas?

@papitha.mohan - I assume you also had issues doing this?

Thank you very much both of you.